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私のファンフィクションのレビュー | Reviews for My Fan Fiction

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Aside from drawing stuff, I had my own Fan Fictions. You see, I am a writer in our school's paper, the Cor-Unum. I love writing topics, trends, and as you see I love blogging.

I created a Fan Fiction for Adventure Time, and it turned out okay. It included some of my friends, included what they want me to put. But I'm changing their happiness to better faces.


Click the link above to read.
So here are some notes and my own reviews for each chapter.

Chapter 1 - This is the first chapter that I have worked on. To tell you the truth, this chapter caused me a headache on how to let them go to Ooo. The whole story is a head hammer.

But the way how we jumped in the portal, I should guess that it's just an opening or gate to connect us with another dimension. I don't know if it's real or not, I just made this up..

Chapter 2 - The arrival is more of like a surprise. Being in cartoon form isn't different from being human and all. I must say this chapter is way plain, but writing it is hard for me.

Chapter 3 - It messed me up all night. I'm trying to find a good violation when crossing dimensions. Just as soon as I get the words "please update" from Jill and Maxine, I worked very hard. Geez, this thing is really science stuff.

Chapter 4 - I have nothing more to say. The ball didn't go as planned, but I did what I can.

Chapter 5 - Making stuff to make love potion work is tough. I have to rely on wizardry and witchcraft, but I  was too lazy to do that biz. So I made it more scientific.

Chapter 6 - Probably the most disappointing chapter because the characters here went back to Ooo because of Princess Bubblegum. She shouldn't have kissed Gumball, but ....

Chapter 7 - This is the most disturbing chapter for me. Gah, it still gives me those goosebumps.

Chapter 8 - Thanks to Maxine for making this chappie, it's really a big collab.

Chapter 9 - Based on Maxine's part that she knew the way back, it's time for me to build more romance. I decided the way back is through a "kiss" and some kind of incantation. Sadly, Jill cannot go.

Chapter 10 -  The events here almost gave everyone a heart attack, specially the real characters who waited for this part. I don't know what to say anymore. They didn't even thank me for doing it and getting us back to Ooo.

Chapter 11 - My favorite song, "A Thousand Years", is sang by Yujin here. It's a nice song, It fits the ship: Marcelee. I was randomly bored here, so I just made him adopted.

Chapter 12 - This is another disturbing chapter, it ticked me off. But they say it's their favorite. I almost smashed them in the face.

Chapter 13 -  It's true. He's usually quiet back at Earth, he never even cared about love. But in this chappie, it's different.

Chapter 14 - To make it sound we're innocent, I made Gumball and Bubblegum make mistakes.

Chapter 15 - More friends arrive that means more characters. When classmates mess around, you don't know what's more to come.

Chapter 16 - Dramatic much here. I am not that dramatic, I usually am happy for causing troubles. Buddy, I'm evil.

Chapter 17 - This chapter is suggested by Camie , she wants to meet the mysterious boy I have to find out. Not just me, everyone who wanted to check him out.

Chapter 18 - I almost hurled in this chapter. It's too stupid. I wonder why I ever wrote that!

Chapter 19 - Another romance chapter, which made me disgusted every time I read it.

Chapter 20 - And last but not the last, it's the most dramatic part yet. I mean I didn't get the quote from anybody, I just thought it would be perfect! I thought hard on what love is all about.

And that's the reviews! I hoped you guys won't take it seriously.


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