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Anime: Fairy Tail [Review]

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Warning: May contain spoilers ~~~
And here's to the latest anime I have watched. For me, this is the best anime about friendship and protecting your family and friends. It has a very interesting story line that one shouldn't miss. It's all about magic, friendship, love, adventure, family, mysteries, action and I think it has everything (including slight horror).

Fairy Tail 
 Personally, my favorite female character for this incredible anime is Mavis Vermillion. She's the first master of the guild: Fairy Tail. In fact, she's the founder. I like her calm and childish nature, that's what I have. But of course, when angry, I already established the fact that I am really super cute. I am just like her. If you're still wondering what kind of person I am, just observe Mavis and you'll somewhat find me inside her.
Master Mavis
Of course if we have a favorite female character, we also have a male. And mine is Sting Eucliffe. Because...Just look at that cute face. Oh, yes I am interested in him. Only, just a fangirl and that's that. The sad thing is, he isn't real. Anime isn't real, but it soon would be if I have the dragon balls. I actually have them, but my only wish is for anime to be real but Shenron didn't respond.
Sting Eucliffe in the Manga

Waaaahh. So kawaii~! Anyways, my favorite ARC was the 'Edolas Arc' and the 'Grand Magic Games Arc'. The Edolas Arc would somehow contain a lot of reverse Fairy Tail members. Also the world looked different from Earthland. In this arc, members and citizens of Edolas have their counterparts in Earthland. And probably the scariest would be Erza Knightwalker, the counterpart of Erza Scarlet. Later in the arc, it is revealed and explained that Mystogan was actually the Edo Jellal, the prince of Edolas himself. In order for him to be prince, Natsu had to set him and Gajeel (including little Wendy) up to be the bad guy and Mystogan to protect the citizens from him.. Natsu took it too far, so would Mystogan just for him to stop. But in the end, he didn't decline being the prince, and just excommunicated with his father, King Faust, the main antagonist of the arc.


Edolas Fairy Tail Members

Then there was the Grand Magic Games. It really had surprised me. The Grand Magic Games (or Daimatou Enbu) was held in the capital of Fiore, Crocus. It's the final arc in the series of the anime, but the Manga was still on going. Even though the arc is still not finished, it was continued in the manga.

Crocus, the Capital of Fiore
In the anime, Lucy and Natsu bumped to Sting and Rogue while exploring the streets of  Crocus. The whole capital is wide and big. The streets are always decorated with flowers, much relation to its name. The games were held mainly on Domas Flau Arena. 
The entire Domas Flau Arena
When the games started it's first day, it was held here when the participants were introduced. The preliminary event happened the night before, in a big dome where all members should get to the door. Fairy Tail came in last, much to their dismay. The entire arena actually has secrets below. Later in the anime, or in the last episode of the series, it revealed a cemetery of dragons underneath. 

And my guess is that, Fairy Tail has more secrets to come. Even with its fine comedy-adventure-friendship genre, it should be good for all ages. There are a lot of lessons to be learned when the anime is watched or the manga read. Right now, the latest tweet from its author, Hiro Mashima, said he would be continuing the anime and so is the manga. My advice to all you people who did not watch this yet, try it! You will never regret watching it because of the fun you will have while doing so. 

That ends my review for this interesting anime. I do hope you watch it! See you next time, everyone.

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